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Accounts Processing

Office Shadow is an expert Account Processing (AP) Services provider. Delivering end-to-end account processing services, we offer swift as well as effective services that enable your organization to streamline your accounting processes while achieving operational efficiencies. We cater to CFOs and CPAs across the globe with top class accounting outsourcing services that enables them to bring down their company’s operating expenses. Moreover, we ensure a better and faster RoI and let them set benchmarks for effective governance as well as conformity to regulations.

Our Account Processing Offerings

Office Shadow Account Processing Advantages

Key Differentiators

Reap in multitude of benefits by outsourcing AP to Office Shadow.

One-stop Account Processing Service

  • Outsource your financial analysis, payroll processing, accounts payable, tax preparation or book-keeping for error-free outcome.
  • Office Shadow supports you to handle critical financial work and seasonal workloads.

Secure Accounting and Book-keeping

  • Non-Disclosure agreements at the onset of your project.
  • Zero compromise on security, privacy or confidentiality.
  • Data on multiple secure servers and fail-safe disaster recovery systems.

Swift and scalable services

  • The time zone difference at India helps to get your accounting work completed swiftly.
  • While you can focus on your core activities, your accounting work will be completed promptly and with zero errors.
  • In case of emergencies, we are capable of processing your financial data overnight.
  • Our finance and accounting services are scalable such that you can efficiently scale your requirements up or down as required.

Domain expertise and Rich Experience

  • Skilled financial analysts, chartered accountants (CA), statisticians and MBAs.
  • Performance evaluation using internal as well as external benchmarking.
  • Gain the advantage of Sarbanes-Oxley compliant services

Considerable Cost Savings (40 To 60% Cost Savings)

  • Access to expert accountants, CPAs as well as CAs at a reasonable cost, without compromising on quality.
  • Huge savings save on infrastructure expenses, employment taxes and other overhead costs.
  • Marked increase in your level of productivity as well as efficiency


We offer Account Processing services at competitive costs. Office Shadow has come up with simple pricing models, so that you could realize considerable price advantages by outsourcing to us.

We have three price structures from which you can choose the best fit. Explore hourly rates, full-time employees, project budgeting or per tax return to decide which model is most appropriate for you.

Hourly Rates This pricing model is suitable if the volume of work is less.
Dedicated full-time Employees Dedicated employee(s) will be assigned to your project full-time (8 hours per day) and you will be billed on a monthly basis.

Hire a half resource (4 hours per day) if the volumes are not considerably high.

Project pricing We can offer you cost per project after assessing your requirements.
Per Tax return We can offer you a competitive per tax return pricing.

Pricing Disclaimer

Please note that all prices on the website are only indicative. The actual rates might change depending on the type of the work, complexity of the project, skill as well as experience of the resource, terms of contract and other related factors.

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Office Shadow Finance and Accounting Services: Free Quote

Go ahead and fill in the form given below with your contact information to get a free quote on the accounting, bookkeeping, or any other finance as well as accounting services you wish to outsource to Office Shadow.

Accounts Payable

Office Shadow provides efficient Accounts Payable (AP) process services for many renowned clients. Your organization can effectively manage working capital as well as cash flow better, while developing and maintaining strong vendor relationships.

Office Shadow AP process helps you to identify potential areas of cost saving, enhance organizational agility and comply with regulatory policies. We offer industry best practices including Sarbanes-Oxley compliance resulting in minimal discrepancies and greater financial control which ultimately translates into better profitability.

Accounts Receivable

Office Shadow is a specialist in Accounts Receivable outsourcing services. We provide invoices based on documentary evidence like service/ product delivery confirmations as well as sale order copies. We can upload electronic invoices onto your systems, after transmitting them electronically and update invoices into accounts receivable in an accurate manner.

We also provide you with statements that you need such as total cost per line item, and update accounts receivable for collection, apart from reconciling bank account credits. Any differences identified during reconciling of records will be promptly notified. We ensure itemizing of all advances or deposits received, receipts, and so on. In addition to preparing accounts receivable reports based on analysis of accounts receivable by diverse categories such as business segment, customer, age, etc., we utilize invoices raised to date for preparing cash flow summary for the past as well as future.

Book keeping

We offer accurate and reliable bookkeeping outsourcing services. Our bookkeeping services comprise general ledger maintenance, expenses ledger maintenance, assets / equipment ledger maintenance, cash flow management, accounts receivable and accounts payable services, preparation of ageing reports as well as summaries, bank account reconciliation services, credit card reconciliation services, inventory reconciliation, payroll reconciliations, and so on.

Our virtual bookkeepers work almost all days in a week (except Sunday) and can update QuickBooks on a daily basis. We offer customized reporting as well as documentation at a regular interval. Privacy, scalability and security are the unique selling points of Office Shadow Bookkeeping service.

Bank Reconciliation

Office Shadow bank reconciliation services enable you with partial or full reconciliation including reconciliation of bank records with internal records, reconciliation of credit billings with internal records and reconciliation of general ledger with invoices.

Our experienced accountant team can interact with your accounts department to understand your bank account reconciliation needs. After systematically understanding your needs, we can offer you a tailor-made solution that could effectively address your requirements. Our reconciliation services give you a clear view of your cash positions resulting in better decision making.

Payroll Processing

At Office Shadow, we offer three different types of payroll process outsourcing, namely, complete payroll service, assisted/supported payroll service and enhanced payroll service. In complete payroll service, you have to just send the payroll data and we will take care of entire payroll processing. In assisted/supported payroll service, your organization can control the payroll but the paperwork will be handled by us. In enhanced payroll process, we will help to perform payroll process in an accurate and advanced manner.

We handle single as well as multi-state payroll management; time clock feed options; holiday, vacation, sick as well as other time off accrual management and so on. We offer transparent payroll reporting for our clients.

Tax Preparation

Office Shadow is capable of handling both individual tax preparation services as well as business tax preparation services. After careful scrutiny of your balance sheets, we clearly interpret as well as classify each item on it for accurate and swift filing of tax returns.

Office Shadow also helps in classifying and interpreting P/L items, and interprets the taxability as well as treatment of diverse accounts. We offer tax preparation services for diverse clients and we could handle Form 1040 – for Individuals; Form 1065 – for Partnerships and Form 1120 – for Companies and Corporations.

Financial Reporting

Office Shadow provides a complete array of financial reporting services. Our financial reporting will offer you a clear picture about the financial position of your organization. We utilize high-end financial reporting software to produce custom financial reports suiting your unique requirements. You will receive weekly or monthly reports with Office Shadow outsourced accounting services.

We offer country specific reporting services. Some of the financial reporting we do include balance sheets, general ledger reports, income statements, accounts receivable reports, accounts payable reports, custom internal reports, weekly cash flow forecasts, bank reconciliation reports, inventory reports, and so on.

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